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A webcomic done in nods of tribute and parody to animation long ago... like Disney and Bluth.


=- Currently Updating! March 2012 -=

Still Alive! Aaron Always Wins!

And here we are again after almost a whole six to eight months! What was the last journal in? March? The summer? Man, it's been so damn long, lol... I can barely remember much of anything these days-- that's because there's been so much!

New fans, new readers coming out of the woodwork and while there've been some disappointments along the way - sacrifices made, too, the good news is that this has left almost zero bearing on my drive to continue KUWT! Those that are still with me, I want to thank you for your support and hopefully 2013 will be the best year for us all!

There's been countless fan art for my series and a lot of side comics and projects to fill up it's own archive, something I've been considering for a long time to add on DrunkDuck as a contemporary piece, but that's probably best left for next year. I've had the pleasure of working for and with some of the finest artists I can think of on deviantArt and even had a crossover event with my defunct/hiatus comic "ZombieToons Must Die" with the creator of the QuackTown series!

==>  <==

I can't remember if the previous journal discussed it, but if not, I was also able to complete a funny little 'Nightmare on Elm Street' tribute featuring Patrick, Beverly, and company reenacting the first film. Normally one doesn't see something like that, cartoon characters in my nature in something like -THAT-, not to mention playing it straight without being too stupid for it's own good... but that really made my day about being able to do that. Now that my gallery has been completely cleaned up on deviantArt, you can check it out in my gallery---

And now here's the best news of them all...

I TAKE COMMISSIONS! Yes, I take artwork commissions now! I have a Paypal readying to go to take your orders and draw your characters for as low as $2 to $5! I work under a very simple, effective, and quick schedule and have completed most people's requests in well over a few hours to even less than a day. It's best to catch me on a day in which a new KUWT comic goes up in schedule, but miraculously I've been able to handle it through the thick and thin of overbearing time.

While I can't say I've earned just enough yet, there is a VERY good chance we may see advertising for my webcomic in as little as few months hopefully or sooner to get the ball rolling and spread this comic out more. I'm still looking for people to help me with this website and maybe improve the previous three pages. Something like this can't be done on one person alone, so any help would be a true blessing.

Right now my website is currently in preparation for a total overhaul, and while it might be this month when I work on it now, rest assured we may very well see a total site cleaning up next year... and maybe somewhere else. ;D Depending!

To all, happy holidays, thank you again, and Patrick, Vinnie, Beverly and I will all see you next year~!

Aaron Mocksing

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