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~ Keeping Up with Thursday ~ 


A webcomic done in nods of tribute and parody to animation long ago... like Disney and Bluth.


=- Currently Updating! March 2012 -=

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Still Alive! Aaron Always Wins!

And here we are again after almost a whole six to eight months! What was the last journal in? March? The summer? Man, it's been so damn long, lol... I can barely remember much of anything these days-- that's because there's been so much!

New fans, new readers coming out of the woodwork and while ther…

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I'm proud to say that things have been going on much better since the time of the last journal! =D

Issue 4 looks, artistically, much better than the issues previous - tips have been gained, opinions listened to, more watchers from my art sites and more fun things to add and draw to help explore the c…

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Finally, an update!

~ Tails from the Tape ~


So much has happened since the last blog, it's amazing how time flies, huh?

I've got someone who's setting me up with a meeting with a DC comics agent sometime this week (or whenever they become available, but I assumed it was this week, I just need to make the call to conf…

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Keeping Up with Issue 3!


I finally had some time now to update the site. I will be adding the basic contact information, but furthermore, in the time that I have now, I will put up some pictures if I can. I'm already greatly ahead of schedule with the pics due up in advance, so that's always good. The more I do, the bi…

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First Official Blog! w00t!

Wow, my first blog on this site! It runs a little slow while trying to type, so I gotta use the ol' Wordpad. But hey, this looks great! Eventually, I'll have to make the whole thing look pretty, so... here's hoping for the best! This whole site will be a work-in-progress from start to finish, and it…

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