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~ Keeping Up with Thursday ~ 


A webcomic done in nods of tribute and parody to animation long ago... like Disney and Bluth.


=- Currently Updating! March 2012 -=

Whoa, massive sweep of awards!

And, the acceptance speech I created:

You've heard me say it time and time again, but thank you! :3

And while I'll be parting ways with DrunkDuck due to it's inherent liability issues, I'm afraid  it's time to announce that I'll be making Comic-Fury 'Keeping Up with Thursday''s new living space. I haven't forgotten the Duck! It'll be there in an archive, since it seems to think that we're not updating anymore (despite all kinds of brand new pages being shown on it in advance, breaking it's timely schedule completely). I've tried to talk to the moderators about it and while they've fixed it, it's only for the time being but has yet to produce worthwhile results... according to them, we finished our comic on December 9th!

Brand new pages are being produced every day on DrunkDuck, but alas. I don't know what's going on other than I'm breaking their system or they're breaking mine. It's all very unfortunate. I should technically have 400+ pages and probably 500 by the end of spring if it had followed through.

But, while Comic-Fury has only just begun showing Issue 1 every Tuesday and Thursday each week, you can always of course visit my deviantArt for the brand new pages and the recently announced Issue 3 REDUX project. Please check the Links section to see the new updates in links! :3

Again, thank you! Great to finally be able to update this website!

If you could be so kind as to leave a donation, I would be grateful. :3

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