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A webcomic done in nods of tribute and parody to animation long ago... like Disney and Bluth.


=- Currently Updating! March 2012 -=

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End of KUWT... for now.

As the first of two weeks near towards my decision to put KUWT (my webcomic Keeping Up with Thursday) on permanent hiatus looms near (August 6th), I'm afraid I might have to make the decision earlier than anticipated.

KUWT is not dead, nor is it closed off completely. There is a chance that KUWT …

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Wow, One Year Later!

Hey everyone!


I haven't updated in about a year due to being so busy, hehe. I've been getting commissions regularly which is always helpful, putting money towards-- well, living, namely, hah! --and keeping the comic regularly advertised. KUWT keeps making it into the Top 100 before slinking…

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Brand New Look! Huge Update!

Since the last time I've been able to post a blog and even visit this website, a lot has changed! I did some switching around and some links have been updated, including those in the Issue Summaries (Issues 13-15 have been included now).


Hope you guys like the new look! Now it's got somewha…

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Cleaning Up the Site!

Hey everyone, time for a routine website cleaning up! As you're all fully aware now that I have a proper internet speed so many new things I missed in the years prior are now accessible. It's such a huge leap going from dial-up to DSL and who knows, maybe something faster in the future, hehe.


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Coming to Jigsy Full-Time!

The website has been updated and yes, it is true. I am going to be shuffling KUWT over here away from deviantArt.


I am not doing this to be a mean-spirited scum, lol, I'm not even doing it because deviantArt is a problematic exercise in patience and stress. Well, in a way it is - and so maybe i…

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Issue Summaries Returns

KUWT made a surprise rise in the ranks, last I was able to check a few days back! To all of you who've been voting for KUWT, I love you guys and thanks so much for moving on us up to the Top 250!


I apologize that the website still hasn't changed, but thank goodness at least we were able to get …

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Probable new KUWT site soon?

Attempts by a friend of mine on deviantArt named Letrune are being made to help incorporate HTML/CSS to change this website's look around. As you all know I've complained quite a fair bit about how this website is not commonly updated, and looks like an ice cream parlor website for a small town than…

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Hey, everyone!

Long time no see! Yet another belated six month long (seven months now) update. You guys are in store for something big, hopefully, as me and Letrune of deviantArt attempt to bring KUWT to a brand new viewing experience...


If not, at least we tried. :) Wish us luck!

Whoa, massive sweep of awards!


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KUWT Makes the Nominees!

And here we go with another new update! Well, one of them, at least... new links, broken links, all touched up. And now the waiting begins for the awards ceremony. I haven't had the time to even see what's up! All I know is the judges need to get their time back during the two-month hiatus since DD …

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DrunkDuck 2013 Awards

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since the last update eh? I forgot to post up a journal the last time I was here -- which was back in April, I think? Well, good to know I'm here and back again. :3 And this time with some kick-ass news! Mainly being -- I'm not dead, hahaha. xD KUWT's never been dead a…

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Still Alive! Aaron Always Wins!

And here we are again after almost a whole six to eight months! What was the last journal in? March? The summer? Man, it's been so damn long, lol... I can barely remember much of anything these days-- that's because there's been so much!

New fans, new readers coming out of the woodwork and while ther…

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Switching Sites, Daunting Fatigue Battle

Issue 5 of 'Keeping Up with Thursday' is finally completed, and the Vinnie mouse storyline is now coming to a head. I'm quite pleased with this one - a lot has happened for Patrick's poor, sneezy companion, and the in-jokes and references, to me, are as balanced out as the progress in his journey it…

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Happy Holidays! :3

Heya, how've you been doing this holiday season? :D

The anniversary of the comic has come and gone, and we're ending the year off with a side comic which clears up a loose end with Issue 3, and exploring some of Patrick's character, and hopefully, the world of KUWT.

It's not a pretty one, I will admit…

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I'm proud to say that things have been going on much better since the time of the last journal! =D

Issue 4 looks, artistically, much better than the issues previous - tips have been gained, opinions listened to, more watchers from my art sites and more fun things to add and draw to help explore the c…

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Determination Despite the Odds and Dried Motivation

Wow, an update from me? That's a shocker!

Warning, so much happened in so long. TL;DR, be prepared.

How long has been it? It's been three months since the beginning of Issue 3 and now I've reached the end of it. A lot's happened since then; some good, some bad, some in the in-between. Only 2 days ago,…

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Finally, an update!

~ Tails from the Tape ~


So much has happened since the last blog, it's amazing how time flies, huh?

I've got someone who's setting me up with a meeting with a DC comics agent sometime this week (or whenever they become available, but I assumed it was this week, I just need to make the call to conf…

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Keeping Up with Issue 3!


I finally had some time now to update the site. I will be adding the basic contact information, but furthermore, in the time that I have now, I will put up some pictures if I can. I'm already greatly ahead of schedule with the pics due up in advance, so that's always good. The more I do, the bi…

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First Official Blog! w00t!

Wow, my first blog on this site! It runs a little slow while trying to type, so I gotta use the ol' Wordpad. But hey, this looks great! Eventually, I'll have to make the whole thing look pretty, so... here's hoping for the best! This whole site will be a work-in-progress from start to finish, and it…

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