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Darc Sowers' 'Codename: Hunter' - one of the many brilliant inspirations and my favorite webcomics for quite some time that I've read when I've begun making webcomics and started getting into making them. :) Definitely worth the look and quite an adventurous journey from beginning to end!

Harkovast - A comic so detailed and thorough, done by someone who's helped me and has yet to review my series for his other show! Harkovast's epic tale of war, blood, action, and swordsmen of all kinda litter this comic in a very grand sense; it's worth your while!

Charby the Vampirate - One of my favorite webcomics of all time, I can't believe I hadn't added this sooner! Now that I'm on this site full-time hopefully I won't forget. :3 My good friend Amelius, of the author 'Charby the Vampirate' produces some of the best artwork and illustrations I've ever seen in the series and has proven to be a grand inspiration to my work. I highly recommend you check out her series! :3

Grin-N-Spirit - Jim Dyar's excellent comic, which I'm delighted to feature on this page! I haven't had the time to go on Facebook to check in with him lately sadly, but his comic is definitely worth checking out for it's unique cast and characters, and his excellent reception with his fans and friends. Come and see it!


Sadly, the podcasts of which I participated are likely to be long gone. But, the Yahoo Groups should still contain the files in abbreviated format!

Quackcast 20 - Webcomic School

Quackcast 21 - The Art of Speed

Quackcast 43 - 2011 DrunkDuck Radio Play