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Welcome, all!

Welcome to the official home of the webcomic, "Keeping Up with Thursday"... a nostalgic loveletter to the days when Don Bluth was still around, Disney was actually good, and cartoons didn't actually suck like they do now!

This is a world in which the lives of Patrick, an infamous thief in Victorian era London, and his partner Vinnie, confront their pasts, presents, and the futures in the most difficult challenges yet. Join them as they conquer so much through the good times and the bad times, in this fascinating tale.

You can read the comic on these following websites: - ARCHIVE! - ARCHIVE!

Inside this site you'll find detailed information about the issues of the series, as well as information regarding cast and world whole... Expect the unexpected! Also check out to see KUWT's introduction in the DrunkDuck Awards 2013!



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