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A webcomic done in nods of tribute and parody to animation long ago... like Disney and Bluth.


=- Currently Updating! March 2012 -=

Happy Holidays! :3

Heya, how've you been doing this holiday season? :D

The anniversary of the comic has come and gone, and we're ending the year off with a side comic which clears up a loose end with Issue 3, and exploring some of Patrick's character, and hopefully, the world of KUWT.

It's not a pretty one, I will admit, isn't it? Violent, crude, and pretty unrelenting. Whichever site you're reading on the comic, I'm gradually alluring you into what I'm gunning for. No softies allowed. ;D

That said, as we near the end of the year, I just wanted to thank you all for visiting this site - and, to an even bigger extent, still reading the comic. I can only hope next year will be even better, and we will all see each other again as 2011 comes to it's curtain call, and 2012 opens up the spotlight.

I can't promise any new updates due to the busy schedule, but I certainly will try! The recently cancelled radio play has been replaced with instead with the written up story, with just two more acts ready to be completed.

In the mean time, god bless you all - and happy holidays! I love ya! :3

Aaron Mocksing--

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