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A webcomic done in nods of tribute and parody to animation long ago... like Disney and Bluth.


=- Currently Updating! March 2012 -=

DrunkDuck 2013 Awards

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since the last update eh? I forgot to post up a journal the last time I was here -- which was back in April, I think? Well, good to know I'm here and back again. :3 And this time with some kick-ass news! Mainly being -- I'm not dead, hahaha. xD KUWT's never been dead and is still going strong, and I have everyone here to thank for supporting me in the darkest of times, and the brightest of times. That just shows how KUWT has survived almost everything thrown at it. :3

Even though the series ended at Issue 9, there's always a chance that Issue 10 is right around the corner as long as the people want it to happen. I'll definitely be looking forward to doing it! It could be on my birthday August 22nd, it could be on the Anniversary in December, or maybe in September. All I know is, we can't get there yet because right now the DRUNKDUCK WEBCOMIC AWARDS 2013 ARE RIGHT HERE TAKING PLACE RIGHT NOW. :D

Yes, that's right!

In the left hand side of the 'For Your Consideration' comics there is a Voting button, and then it will provide you with a ballot with a list of categories. The most votes for a series eventually get the awards. It's time to show that you really mean it, that the series deserves some of those spots. :3 I couldn't be all the more thankful if you could go there and vote for me, you mean the world to me! KUWT wouldn't be here without any of you, and that shows character and dedication.

Best Adventure Comic
Best Anthropomorphic Comic
Best Action Within a Comic
Most Deliciously Offensive
Best Background Art
Best Character Design
Best Comic Layouts
Best Use of Medium (COMPUTER MOUSE; FLASH 2004)
Most Improved Art (ISSUES 1 - 3 VS. ISSUES 4 - 9)
Best Protagonist (PATRICK)
Best Antagonist (AUNTIE TRISSA)
Best Supporting Character (VINNIE)
Most Supportive Reader
Most Dedicated Author
Best Overall Story Comic

Please go there now and vote for KUWT in these spots! :3

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