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A webcomic done in nods of tribute and parody to animation long ago... like Disney and Bluth.


=- Currently Updating! March 2012 -=

Determination Despite the Odds and Dried Motivation

Wow, an update from me? That's a shocker!

Warning, so much happened in so long. TL;DR, be prepared.

How long has been it? It's been three months since the beginning of Issue 3 and now I've reached the end of it. A lot's happened since then; some good, some bad, some in the in-between. Only 2 days ago, my birthday came and went. With the money I've been getting for it, I plan to use it strictly for the comic in moving forward with it in the hopes of setting stuff aside for the advertising process. I'm so dedicated with this like you wouldn't believe!

Unfortunately, it's also not a whole lot of money either, and I've been pretty dried up even before this. I'd like to set a lot of it aside for a future tablet of some kind and eventually a better monitor, but those will still again have to wait, I'm afraid. But at least with the money in spending a month on The Webcomic List will get me noticed some. I've been mostly relying on asking people and seeing what they'd like to do, posting a journal after journal on my two art sites hoping to get a rise out of someone who'd like to participate. Sometimes it's been a success, but often, it feels like a difficult mountain road to speak to anyone.

So, what happens now? A few folks have said that the issue has been getting pretty interesting so far: Patrick's past so far has been a life of easy-street being the obsessed thief that he is, and only faces difficult punishment as he makes his way to the orphanage/prison he had been sentenced to as seen in Issue 2. Brutality has been the key word here, even if site unseen, and one vocal critic and dear friend of mine has been the only one to poin out the flaws. I respect that admirably, as no one else would (or if they did notice the mistakes, never spoke up to help me along during the making of process). I feel generally really bad about overlooking these things, especially when a few times pages have been edited and re-edited during the time they have been up on DrunkDuck. My only excuse, really, is that somewhere hidden beneath the KUWT title is 'Baby's First Comic'... forgive me, I've been rusty on art and comics in general in well over ten years since my first. :/

On the other hand, I haven't heard much else. Colors are being toned down, so that's a plus. I will be making sure Issue 4 is scripted this time around on the hope the comic will seem more fluid as opposed to happening 'page-ly', as I call it:'this happens next, then this happens next', and so on. It feels disjointed. So, expect, hopefully, this one to be more helpful. It's a learning process, but I still feel proud I'm taking the steps necessary without complaint to go back and learn with the tips I've gotten. Even if tips are few and far in-between, even commentary.

Will Patrick be able to escape and be reunited with his mother? Has he changed his ways now, or will he? Are the others doomed to a terrible, harsh fate, particularly poor Horace who (sight unseen), had his tail cut off and hung up? I wanted to bring us forward into the future to get us away from such a drab setting, particularly considering that incident may have turned some viewers off. Whether this is why my other hosts containing the comic are generally silent, I don't know, but I'd like to gain you back if I have.

On the other hand, also bear in mind that I'm not aiming strongly for a children's comic. If some scenes don't sit well with you, there isn't a whole lot I can say about it other than it'll gradually come together. Just keep reading, if you can.

Overall, the summer has been dreadfully hot and with it, so have become personal relations with others along the way. It's been particularly difficult maintaining some friendships in the process, even with the family involved, which has been tormenting on the webcomic progress as things move along. I often feel the comic is just kinda sitting there with very little readers and followers, and no matter what blog I write to kinda liven up the mood, they all fall flat. I don't consider myself an attention whore, I just wouldn't mind any sort of means of conversation. :/ has though, prompted me to cancel the contest I had been hoping to have up, amongst other future things. Hopefully it won't be like that for too long, right?

Overall, it's good to still do the comic on sheer determination alone. I love this project and want all the best for it. I can't do it alone, though. If you like what you see, hate what you see, please let me know! I would love to talk with you and get to know my fans a bit more or just people in general. Unlike most artists which can't handle anything, I'm always open to feedback. I thrive on it like the plague and have been yearning for this sort of thing since I began doing online art of any sort.

As 2011 finally comes to a close, it's even more shocking I'll be facing my first anniversary in such short time. Issue 4 wraps up by Thanksgiving, and I'll have December possibly off. I'd like to do a holiday comic at some point.

But it all comes down to motivation.

Motivation, to me, will run dry if I don't feel really any temptation to continue. It'a a shame, really, because there's nothing more important than an artist who enjoys his work or the story universe he's made. I do with mine.

TL;DR, of course, but at least I have an excuse to write a journal after so long, lol.


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