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~ Keeping Up with Thursday ~ 


A webcomic done in nods of tribute and parody to animation long ago... like Disney and Bluth.


=- Currently Updating! March 2012 -=

Cleaning Up the Site!

Hey everyone, time for a routine website cleaning up! As you're all fully aware now that I have a proper internet speed so many new things I missed in the years prior are now accessible. It's such a huge leap going from dial-up to DSL and who knows, maybe something faster in the future, hehe.

Right now the big announcement is that I think now will be a good time to stay on deviantArt due to all the new things at my disposla, notably the livestreams I can host now and Youtube videos I can share of me drawing my cast-members or various forms of fan-art in the future. This website will now reflect some of the new changes to the website notably in the links are, so I definitely look forward to doing some much needed cleaning up.

Had a good 2015 so far? I know I sure did. Rough start of course but things are smoothing out. Issue 14 is well on it's way to getting ready in just six pages and there's so much more support now on my Twitter than ever before! Thanks so much, everyone!

Check me out drawing Edmond from Don Bluth's Rock-a-Doodle!


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