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A webcomic done in nods of tribute and parody to animation long ago... like Disney and Bluth.


=- Currently Updating! March 2012 -=


I'm proud to say that things have been going on much better since the time of the last journal! =D

Issue 4 looks, artistically, much better than the issues previous - tips have been gained, opinions listened to, more watchers from my art sites and more fun things to add and draw to help explore the comic universe a bit more! The fan club is one watcher away from attaining 50, and I'm nearing at least 100 fans on my furaffinity account! I couldn't have been all the more happier to achieve such a rating, and with a respectably accurate and well-done written review of the comic by the creator of the webseries <b>Harkovast</b>, I'm feeling optimistic that I can work out the problems of KUWT and see the potential it may just have!

I've never felt so happy to tears to announce that along with the addition of pairing up with Animation Source, I'm so, very, truthfully, honestly thankful to have wonderful readers and fans like you guys. :3 The anniversary for the series is on it's way this December the 1st, to which I'll be taking a month off to recooperate for all that hard work I did on the series up until that point. Since then, I've been feeling very reflective - I'd like to think that I've learned a lot since then, and it's been a wonderful blessing! THANK YOU! =D Thank ALL OF YOU!

We're now exploring Vinnie's past, a character who's gained a lot of momentum since then; he's been popping up on a few adult sites about the impeccable allergy I had been giving him throughout the issue (those epic sneezes indeed! xD) as well as a short story I've allowed a friend to write about the little guy. The amount of fluff has been adorably cute, I've gotta admit, the two make a funny couple together. Where in which Patrick is the personification of the Rules of the Internet (lmao, or something similar) with a sex drive, Vinnie's the more innocent and cute one, with a heart of gold. I've drawn so much of the group now that I can't wait to draw more to define the characters more than I probably already have! xD

Right now as of this blog I'm updating the site and posting the updates on Twitter as they come. For the most part, there'll be new pictures that I've done for others, and stuff I've been given in return over the course of time. I'll also be including the long-wanted issue summaries for those just tuning into the site. Steet of the Animation Source wanted me to mention something special about his site, which I'll be doing once he tells me what it is. xD But I do hope you'll all be continuing reading this comic! =D I can't wait to keep this going till 2012 and even further down the road!

From Vinnie, Patrick, and I---
Thank you!

Stay tuned over the course of December when we take a break from issues and do strips starring Patrick, Svenn, Horace, and company to fill in a few gaps and check up on those guys! ;D

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